Haitong Inline Warrants List
Code Underlying Lower Strike Upper +Strike Maturity
Effective Gearing
Implied Volatility
Last Price Change
(M Shares)
Potential Return
The range between
lower and upper bound
Rsk reward Daily Theta
ITM Opportunity
No related Data
Last Update Time: 2021-03-05 16:35 (15 Mins Delayed)
Inline warrant is newly introduced to the market and there is no similar products currently listed on the Exchange for comparison.
Risk Reward: The potential payout ratio of the maximum gain and loss at expiry for inline warrants. If the ratio is more than 1, the maximum payout is more than the maximum loss. If the ratio is less than 1, the minimum loss is more than the maximum payout. ($1-Market Price)/(Market Price-$0.25)